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injection timing questions


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hi again folks, two questions regarding injector timing maps if anyone can teach me something id be grateful;

first question would be what would be a good axis for this map? I'm thinking engine speed for one, and mgp for the other? 


second question is does injection timing have a big impact on fuel consumption? playing around at idle I found I can reduce my fuel table numbers for the same afr so I guess it would do, just not sure to what extent


sorry if its basic stuff I'm still finding my feet a little bit with all the things this ecu can do, any replies always appreciated,




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Injector timing will only have a noticable effect at short duty cycles - say <25%.  Once load increases and the injector is open for longer than that then there is simply not enough time to inject all the fuel into the ideal window.  So you will gain some economy and often smoother running at low loads, but how much difference that makes to your overall fuel economy will depend what percentage of your time you spend running at low loads.

Typically just a 2D table with RPM as the axis is all you need.

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