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Peter Snowdon

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Help please"  lately i`ve encountered problems with maintaining communication when using serial-link to my ECU,  It connects then after a minute sometimes less it stops, i`ve replaced the serial to usb and updated its driver but still the same problem, anyone else had this issue? if so what was the fix?


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Hi Peter,

Sorry I forgot to get back to you on this one for a couple of days.  I think since it loses comms with the engine off we can rule out electrical interference and concentrate more on the Seriallink/USB adapter.

Im my experience the Seriallink is generally robust/reliable but the USB>serial adapters are pretty flaky, so my suspicions are still leaning more towards the USB adapter.  However, I know you have said you have already tried another USB>serial adapter.  If you are in NZ I might be able to lend you my serial link & possibly a USB adapter to try.

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