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RX7 ISC control


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In the help file it says ISC idle control will require Auxiliary channels 5,6,7 and 8 to set to ISC.

But those channels are used for the Oil Metering Pump.

I'm getting idle hunting issues unless I set the bunch of cells to the same ignition and fueling values.

Does this mean the Link G4+ plugin is not capable of controlling both idle and the OMP at the same time?

Also, how can I tell of OMP is really working with the G4+?  The outputs are constantly saying "off" in Runtime values.



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Aux 5/6/7/8/ are only required for stepper motor type idle valves, your engine has a solenoid type idle valve so it can be connected to any aux, it is connected to Aux 2 in the RX7 plug-in's and is already set up correctly in the basemap.  

The aux output status in the runtimes is only valid for on/off type signals, not stepper or PWM type signals.   If there is a problem with the OMP there will be red text across the top of your screen and the Engine will be limited to 2000RPM.  You can confirm it is working by watching that the oil pump position (AN 2) follows the target commanded in the "Rotary oiler" table as per my pic below.  Temporarily change the value in the table and check that the position moves to that new target.

For idle control, it just sounds like it needs to be tuned.


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