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Dash with Fury


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Hi everyone, just bought a fury for my drag bike & wondering which dash is compatible & the easiest to connect, would just like tach,fuel & oil pressure,gear position bike is NA.....total newb here so big learning curve

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Pretty much any will be compatible and they will all need a similar amount of work to get connected to the ECU (just 2 wires).  Configuration can be a bit painful on certain brands.

Im not a motorcycle guy but a regular comment I used to hear is that for a bike the screen viewing angle and sunlight visibility are more of a consideration than in a car situation.  For this reason you used to mostly see the older monochrome type LCD displays on race bikes - like a Motec ADL style.  Colour LCD's have improved a lot over the last few years however so I dont know how true that comment is these days - I havent been to any bike racing for a good 5 years or more.  Still worth investigating though...  You may want something waterproof also depending on how you transport the bike etc.

I dont know your budget, but for colour dashes have a look at the AIM MXS Strada and the AEM CDL5/7, they both offer good value for money and are easy to use.

For monochrome you are a bit more limited in selection (avoid Racepak due to horrible software), but possibly Motec CDL or Race Technology Dash2Pro (Link sell this).



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thanks for your advice....,being a drag bike the sunlight visabilty thing isn't a big issue (dont look at dash too much on a pass)nor is waterproofing,have been looking at the AIM & AEM & look like nice units

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3 hours ago, Joe Bucci said:

A related question.


Can I wire CAN2 to my dash and leave the CAN1 connector on the case empty?

Yes, fine to do this.  CAN2 is the easiest option as it doesn’t require the special plug.

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