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RB25 start map


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Hey All,

Is anyone able to provide me with a PCL file that will allow me to start my new setup and check for leaks etc before tune?

Unfortunately the previous tuner password locked the current file, and I have been unable to configure the GTRLink base map correctly.


24-1 CAS disc

Bosch 1000CC injectors on E85


I know sending base maps is frowned upon, but id really appreciate it!


thanks :)

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Hi Adam,

I have a GTRLink plugin. I have opened the base map provided with PClink, but was unable to find the suitable settings for a 24-1 CAS disc, or to scale the injectors correctly.

Thanks heaps.

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Use the GTS/GTR basemap, set triggers like below.  Trigger offset is unknown so you will have to do that with a timing light.


For the injectors, just change the master fuel.  I would say 10-12 will be in the ballpark for E85 & 1000cc but just bump this up or down until it runs the smoothest.


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17 minutes ago, Tenny said:

I used a standard cas

So did you put all trigger settings back to the standard base map settings?  Turn fuel off and check RPM when you are cranking - it should show about 150-250RPM if the trigger is ok.

Next step would be to check the base timing, again with fuel off.

It sounds like you should read the manual as it covers most of the first time start up procedure, you can download a copy from the ECU page: http://dealers.linkecu.com/NGTRPlus

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Yeah I had reset to base map. Decided I'd borrow a normal cas and leave the 24-1 to the tuner. Just had another go. I am using a neo cas, with a S1 front cover. It seems like it didn't go in properly. So I pulled front cover off and fit cas properly. Left it on 10ms and started up first go. 

So just a fault on my part! 

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