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WRX104 -- e-Throttle target


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Hello all, 

I made a discovery today and just want to clear up what is going on, I did throttle setup and calibration and at first it made a setpoint at 15.1, started the engine and it revved to 3,000 rpm. Shut it down and calibrated again and it shown a 14.2, tried again almost the same high idle rev. So I checked the e-throttle target table and lowered it to 4.0 the first three rows and it behaved better around 1100rpm or so. So my question is this normal as it's a pnp system thought it could behave differently. 

Thanks for the input!

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Our base map looks fine to me.  Was your pedal calibrated and showing 0%AP?  

Our base map table below:


So on top of the 1.5% shown in the top left cell, for a cold start you should have about another 3% coming from the idle base position table and 2% in the startup step table.  That should be a total of 6.5% approx, I would need to see a log to see where the 15% is coming from.

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