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Where to buy cable.


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Please excuse if this has been covered or in the wrong section.


I am wanting to buy 100m rolls of the type of electrical cable used on the Link pre-wired ECU plugs. I am an auto electrician and I do vehicle re-wires and want a good source for that type of wire to purchase in bulk.  Most of the cable available through the auto electrical wholesales i deal with are "auto" cable.  Which is very thick and bulky, and doesnt come in thinner sizings.  And is far from ideal.

I would like to know the brand and series of cable that link uses, as it looks right for what i need.  And a place to buy decent quantity.  Eg digikey, rs online, mouser or similar probably have it, but i would like to know which type it is as there is so many to choose from.  Or if anyone knows similar/better cable for purpose.

Thanks in advance.

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Our looms are made from "AVSS", it is a Japanese standard thin wall automotive wire.  Most wires are 0.56mm2 cross-sectional area.  It is a little hard to find in small qty's.  American "TXL" is easier to find, slightly thicker insulation but not too bad.

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