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Recover lost log files?


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Is there a temporary folder where all of the log files are stored? (I have checked the Windows Temp folder and they are not in there)

After a session on the track yesterday I copied the log files from the car PC onto a USB stick to analyze on a bigger screen unfortunately for whatever reason the files have not copied onto the USB.
I have closed PClink on the car PC so the list of log files is no longer available but I was hoping (praying) they are stored in a temporary folder somewhere that I can pull them from?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I had a few occasions where my Accusump kicked in on the Donington Park track, this is the only place where it happens and I would really like to see the Oil Pressure data.



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I added my name to the request for 'Save all Logs' and would also appreciate default location.

On my other Skyline I run an ECUMaster EMU ECU and that has an autosave log file option, the whole time the PC is connected it is saving the data to a default folder, if I forget to save the specific log I can always go into that folder and find the data albeit not specifically named to that particular session.

I have a feeling that once PCLink was closed the log files have all been deleted but I am really hoping they are stored in a temporary cache file that I could search for.


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