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G4+ Monsoon and Subaru AVCS


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I'm having a bit of trouble setting up Subaru dual AVCS with my link g4+ Monsoon, Hopefully its just a bonehead mistake.

It will let me set the Digital Inputs as Inlet LH and Inlet right hand, but for some reason,

it won't let me set the auxiliary outputs as Inlet LH and Inlet RH, it only has an option for an inlet and exhaust.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated 




VVT Setup

Digital Input Setup 


Aux Output Setup







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Hi Thomas,

No it is not a bonehead mistake on your part, there is a genuine problem in the firmware preventing 2 intake VVT cams on the Monsoon.  This was more an oversight when it was designed they thought it doesnt have enough IO to support Vee engines with two VVT intake cams so they disabled some of the functionality.  Of course we forgot about boxer engines with two intake cams.  So this has been fixed in the latest firmware (not released yet).  How close are you to running?  I can possibly get a test version to you if it is ready to go now.


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