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VDO 360 009 Cal Table


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I would not bother with one of those resistance type sensors, they were originally designed to be pulled-up by the gauge to either 12 or 24V, so to get decent resolution with a 5V system you need a very grunty pull up and it will be using 50-100mA from your 5V supply.  They also have absolute crap error tolerance.  See calibration below.  At 5 Bar the resistance can be anything between 154 & 214ohm or about +/-20%!


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8 hours ago, iliasfyntanidis said:

The connector that I have to buy is Push to Seat or Pull to Seat? 

Either will work, but the push to seat type are much easier to work with.  Search 15397149 or 15397275, these are push to seat and have a nice lip on the back for shrink boot.  If you are not in a rush, I have used these ones off aliexpress without drama:  https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-5sets-kit-LS-TPS-AEM-MAP-GT150-3p-waterproof-connector/32643558809.html

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That sounds like you may have assembled it wrong in that case.  The Pull to seat are a bit stupid.  You have to first thread the wire through the plastic housing before crimping the terminals on, then crimp on the terminals, then pull the wires and terminals backwards into the housing.




Clearer instructions here:


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