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Lambda value on the screen not the same as the afr gauge on the screen


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Is there a reason that the lambda value thats showing up on the screen is not showing up as the same value that the on screen afr gauge is showing? in open air for example the lambda is showing the proper lambda value , but the afr is showing completely wrong, the afr on screen is wrong the entire time the engine is running also vs my actual afr gauge.  You can see under the tuning logged values that the lambda with the engine off is showing up correctly at 1.503 which should be around 21.0 or so afr, however the gauge is showing 16.53? maybe I'm totally missing something? I have looked for a way to apply corrections to the on screen gauge but dont see anything anywhere I have looked.


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I thought about that but even if it was wrong, I dont think that should cause the actual lambda vs afr to be off? those are kind of a constant I would think? maybe not, maybe it is just taking the lambda value and calling a lambda of 1.00 as 9.8 afr?  I would rather view it as a gasoline ratio I guess if thats the case.

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"AFR" is a random and meaningless value that depends on the stoich. ratio of the fuel in use. Hence needing the value set as advised above. 

Lambda 1.0 is *always* lambda 1.0 regardless of fuel - it means no oxygen left. AFR=14.7 is only true for pump fuel...which may have some ethanol in it, so who knows.

I would stick to lambda, or set the ratio as above.

Well, that's my opinion, anyway. And I may have misunderstood the issue LOL.

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Since you are using modelled mode you need to enter the correct stoichiometric value for your fuel, this should be ~9.8 for E85.  Changing this value is going to change your tune quite a bit.  Your AFR gauge can then be set to display E85 AFR or Lambda units, not gasoline AFR.

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