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Need help determining cutout


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Hello everyone,

I'm having difficulties getting an issue sorted on our track car and I'm not educated enough in analyzing log data to help determine the root cause of a cut out issue we are having.  The cutout which seems to me is an engine protection value coming into play is happening when coming out of a corner during acceleration.  My Tuner said that the PC Logged data that is attached won't work for him and I have to set up ECU logging in order for him to help.  Let me know if the attached file is able to be viewed and if any of you front of the class smart kids can pick up on anything.  Let me know if you need more info on the specifics of the vehicle or conditions in which the cutout is happening.


Thanks in advance,





Log 2018-06-22 1_53_22 pm.zip

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RPM It is the MAP limit (boost limit).  It appears to be set up a bit weird, something like a 260KPa limit at high RPM but drops to 193Kpa at low rpm (purple trace)? Hard to imagine how it is set up without seeing the map but seems odd.   It is when the MAP limit drops that it trips you up.



Also, probably not related, but something you need to fix ASAP, it appears you have a problem with your E-throttle control, it becomes very unstable in some areas and it appears that it has been left in setup mode so all safeties are disabled.  This could potentially be dangerous.


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Yes, that is what I wanted.  The MAP limit is caused by your water temp running quite high, the MAP limit has been set up to reduce when water temp goes over 100°C.  In the Log your water temp climbs to about 108°C near the end of the log so it is interpolating somewhere between the 248 & 138KPa limit.

I dont know if that means you have a cooling problem or you expect it to run that high, so that is up to you to sort out.  If that temp is normal then you need to rejig the MAP limit table a little.



2 hours ago, snowmansgarage said:

Also, is there some training courses or online info I can access to become more familiar with this stuff?

https://www.hpacademy.com/courses/efi-tuning/  is a reasonably cost-effective option.  They have both generic tuning courses and G4+ software-specific courses


For the Throttle it will need to go back to the tuner, it looks like the PID is too agressive to me, he has changed it from or base settings for some reason.

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