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Trouble with tps


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Hi all. I'm having trouble with my tps wiring. This is for an r32 skine with rb20det. I have code 17 coming up and my laptop is showing 4.97v Tps main. The code is for tps ground but i have checked my signal ground. (Black wire) i have a good connection at both sides of the plugs with tps connected. Also tried two different sensors. Same results. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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The error "ANV3 at Gnd" means the signal wire is shorted to ground - nothing to do the ground wire. 

Can you answer my other previous questions:

3 hours ago, Adamw said:

Did this problem just develop or is it a new install?  Can you have a look at the 5V out runtime and confirm that is showing near 5V.


If you clear the fault code, does it come back instantly?  If you look at the AN Volt 3 voltage in the analog runtimes, does the voltage change when you move the throttle?

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Sorry, let me answer those questions. 1. Yes the problem just developed. 2. I will look at the run time values after work today. 3. If I clear code it comes back immediately.  4.voltage is froze at 5.00v. Can you tell me which signal wire coming from the two plugs is shorted to ground? It seems that I'm going in the wrong direction. Thanks again!

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Ok, lets first adjust the error settings so they dont cause any confusion when troubleshooting.  Go to AN Volt 3 settings and set the error low to 0V and error high to 5V.



Have a look at the AN Volt 3 voltage in the runtimes and see what that shows, see if it changes with throttle open/closed and also see if it changes if you unplug the sensor.  I will wait for these results before giving next instructions.

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