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engine stalls whith ac on


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Probably need to see your map.  For a start you have cyclic idle active in the first half of the log, it appears the fuel tune is off so CLL is adding 15% fuel to get to target and Idle ignition control isnt working at normal idle speeds. 

Also since you are using the 300Z ecu have you moved the injector wires to match the firing order, or has the firing order been changed in the map?

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Ok, your idle base position table doesnt look tuned at all.  Your idle ignition control table is set up all wrong.

Turn off the idle ignition control table while you initially tune the ISC.  Set ISC back to openloop mode and follow the instructions in the help file.  Once you have a good open loop idle, change to closed loop and follow the closed loop tuning procedure in the help file.  Once closed loop is working reasonably then you can turn the idle ignition table back on and set up the table something like below then tune from there.

Also, your trigger 2 is set up wrong, sync mode should be set to "Cam Pulse 1X", you have it set to crank pulse.  You may need to check your base timing again after correcting that.







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