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WRX104 -- Wideband install with expansion loom


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Hello everybody,

I ordered the expansion loom to be able to connect an AEM wideband to the Link WRX104+ got the loom today and checking wiring I see there is an issue. 

Instructions say this: AN11 or AN12 



Checked pinout


now I see that lambda 1 is at AN11, and coincidentally it doesn't behave properly cannot see it move or change from 7.44 AFR. Could this be the issue? 


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An volt 11 & 12 on the expansion connector is correct as per the top photo.  The second picture you show of the "pin functions" list is for the 2007 ECU, not the 04-06.

So AN Volt 11 will work provided your wiring and cal table is correct.  You can attach your map if you want us to confirm the cal table is set up correctly.

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4 hours ago, sama said:

here you go adam. so I left on channel 11 what I found on the software no tampering which is a lambda 1 with a "default" table, I added on channel 12 the aem wideband I have, but it displays lambda not afr so I suppose the table needs to be changed. 

You cant have 2 inputs assigned to Lambda 1.  Turn off AN Volt 11.

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