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Improved Engine Protection


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Hi guys,

I think the only area where the Link fall short of AEM, Adaptronic, Syveccs is Engine Protection.

For example, the ECU has all the data that it needs to offer better protection such as:

  • Cut and warning when ECU is leaner than Target AFR by a user defined amount
  • Cut and warning when oil or fuel pressure falls below what it should be at a certain rpm or boost
  • Detection and an injector has failed or certain elements of wiring (coils, injector, fuel pump (probably picked up by fuel press)

The user should be able to select any sensor input, and determine what the value should be in various conditions, then selecting an action to be taken by the ecu if these conditions are not met by a defined %...


Hopefully this is easy for you guys to build? The support here is amazing :)




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Use Differential Fuel Pressure if the static fuel pressure is 350kpa then set the GP RPM limit if differential fuel pressure drops below 340kpa.

You can also get quite clever by using a 4D table with the axis set to differential fuel pressure and then add the amount of fuel into the table that the difference in required pressure and actual pressure would require, then set the trip on injector duty cycle. (Closed loop lambda as a trim would also help here too if you kept it enabled at high revs)


The think with the Link is that it is incredibly flexible to set quite clever strategies up.

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Modelled and Multi-Modelled fuel compensats for differential fuel pressure flucation. Use a GP Limiter and spann axis diff fuel press and set rpm limit to a low value or zero if it diff fuel press is 20-50kpa to low. 

Use another GP limiter and set axis oil press vs RPM. You can also built strategies with timers, virtual aux etc. And use virtual aux status as axis. 

It's completly up to you how you want use GP limits and 3th axis of RPM limiter. You just have to be creative to get what you want. 

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