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Help Connecting Wideband to G4+ WRX ver 1-2


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I am installing a Wideband to the G4+ for my WRX ver1-2

I am connecting the wideband output to the Expansion Connector 1 on the LinkECU,  This is connected to the pin labeled Volt 5 (analog 0-5v input).

I can't get any readings to show up on the LinkECU Software


I have two questions:

1) Is the the correct input connector to wire the wideband to the LinkECU?

2) what analog input reading do I set to Lambda in the LinkECU software. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated




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Yes, AN Volt 5 is fine to use.  Its function should be set to "Lambda 1" and depending on what model wideband you have you may be able to select a calibration from the drop-down list or you may have to use one of the custom cals (cal 4/5/6).  If your wideband device has a separate "analog ground" or "signal ground" then this will also need to be connected to the sensor ground wire on the expansion connector.  If it doesnt have a separate signal ground then it will give best results with the main ground wire connected to the engine block or head.

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