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Extreme fuel tables with flex and meth


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I am wondering if I can do what I am hoping or if its a pipe dream...

Link Extreme running flex fuel setup on a turbocharged motor. I also have a meth injection setup spraying 2000cc/min at full throttle which is setup on a progressive duty cycle table. 

The issue is obviously its pig rich with full meth spray. I know i can do a switched table setup for meth/no meth but can i setup the equivalent of 4 tables? Pump gas/e85/meth/no meth?

99% of the time i will be on full e85 and I really only run the flex sensor for the "just in case I wander too far from home" and need to put in regular gas. Hasn't happened yet but it probably will some day. If i can't do the above i will just setup a full second tune for pump gas and use switching tables for meth/no meth but it would be awesome if i could do it all in one tune. 


BTW - I absolutely love this ECU. You guys have done a bang up job. I switched from a Megasquirt MS3Pro and this is night and day different. I am making the same power at 3 psi now as I did at 15 psi before. Nothing else on the setup has changed. 


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If you use the multi fuel modelled equation with dual fuel tables set to interpolate for the flex operation, you could then use the 4d table as the meth correction and have the activation set to what ever aux out you have running the meth pump.  

There is also a 5th dimensional table that you can activate if needed.

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