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Link Extreme 1969 Mustang


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I just wanted to introduce myself and my project. 

Thanks to Adam and a few others the progression from a Megasquirt MS3Pro that gave me nothing but problems to a Link Extreme went amazingly successful!

The setup details are:

1969 Mustang Single Turbo on E85

High Compression Dart big bore block - 363"/6.0L

Full sequential fuel and spark with LS coils and Fuel Injector Development 2200cc injectors.

I have owned the car since the early 90's when my Great Grandfather, the original owner, sold it to me for $100. This has turned into a very fun street machine that makes nearly 1000hp and drives around as easily as it did in fully stock trim.











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18 hours ago, Joshua O'Donnell said:

Okay awesome as

I've got the same current setup on a 5.0 Windsor but in having issues with the reading on the cam synchronizer 

What does the trigger log/scope look like? Is the cam sync a VR pickup or Hall? Mine is a VR.

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VR,I think I have sorted out the issue out by earthing the shield also adjusting the threshold table but its not 100% I'm getting signals from both triggers and getting a rpm signal and have adjusted the base timing to where its 10° BTDC so fingers crossed I did get a cough and a fart but still hasn't started. Need to scale in my injectors for it to run hopefully. If you could show us the threshold table on your cam trigger that could help me out. I'm also running a VR sensor on my crank but I noticed your running a hall effect.

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