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Subaru E-Throttle Dead and Codes


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New install on a 2005 Subaru STi


No throttle response when starting engine up, when E-Throttle SETUP is enable throttle calibrates and works fine, then when switched back to ON throttle is dead and codes 73 and 77 come up.

Called tech support and they advices no voltage on D6 pin (throttle supply voltage) is the issue, however this is going to be normal if ECU commands E-Throttle Relay OFF

attached the map.


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I think your Accel pedal calibration isnt correct. Try re-running the Accel Pedal calibration, then redo the TP calibration. Code 77 relates to AP tracking, and looking at the last recorded runtime values in your config, your AP main and AP sub are way off. Your values in AP calibration also look wrong - the voltages for main and sub are almost identical which isnt usually the case. See the AP percentages and error counter in the below screenshot


I'm not sure how you can even get a code 73 on a plugin ECU, maybe one of the link guys can advise if there is an internal power feed to the ethrottle systems that gets cut off in certain circumstances? I suspect this will go away on its own anyway once you fix the APS calibration.

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