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Atom in sr16ve

Nismo nistune

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Hii getting some issue in putting a atom2 in a sr16ve.i've use nissan cas and coils from s15 and converted to map sensor and used base map for s15 the car started, idle well,drives well but the timing keep changing every time  any issue of these do i have to do the lock timing setup? 

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Does the engine also run different to suggest the spark timing is actually changing?  How much are we talking?

A couple of thoughts in the meantime:

How are you checking timing?  Are you removing the coil and fitting a temporary HT lead between coil & plug? If clipping timing light on the primary side that can give wrong results.  

Also I know on some SR’s the pulley/balancer rubber bond can come lose causing the outer ring to slip around so it wouldn’t hurt to poke a screwdriver down a plug hole and confirm your TDC mark is still correct and pulley is solid.

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