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Fuel Pump Enquiry


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Just purchased a second hand link g4 for an S13 running a sr20det from a S14 FL, i am having trouble with getting the fuel pump to operate!

On the factory ecu everything operates correctly so it is a known good system.

I have tried working my way through the pclink connected to the ecu with no success. (most likely doing something wrong)

There is three fault codes, unsure if they are related. 

1- ecu fault code 23

2- ecu fault code 11

3- ecu fault code 46

any help would be much appreciated.

i have uploaded a photo of the ecu settings if its any help.



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Ok, then I think you need to use the S14-S15 Map.  The S13-S14 map is setup for the 76Pin ECU.  Fuel pump is on Aux 5 and some of the analog inputs are configured differently.

Your Error codes arent anything to worry about. 

Error 23 is ANV 5 at ground.  This is on the expansion connector so wont have anything connected, it will be turned off once you load in the S15 map.

Error 11 is AN Volt 1 at ground.  This is because the oxy probe is cold and not outputting any voltage.   You can adjust the fault settings to prevent that one from bothering you.

Error 46 is AN Temp 2 at 5V.  This probably means you have no air temp sensor connected.  You should really fit an air temp sensor but you will still be able to get it running without one.


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Hi Richard, I see you are in NZ.  If you have wifi (or phone tether) near the car I could log in with team viewer and have a quick poke around.  Call me on 03 348 8854, Im here till 9PM most nights.  Even if we cant do teamviewer I can probably help you quicker over the phone.

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