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g4+ Plugin v7sti no a/c activation


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heya, just installed my link, but my a/c wont trigger. ecu is a g4+ Plug and play v7-9 subaru impreza, installed into a v7 sti


if I go into the settings for d.i.3 with the ecu connected, and change the pullup resister to on, it triggers the a/c relay (i can hear it engage)  but I have no light on the a/c unit itself, and the button wont work to trigger it.

a/c worked perfectly before link install, but i am running a v10 center console, if that makes any difference to the activation trigger.


long story short, ac button in car wont trigger d.i.3 and no a/c after link install, worked fine beforehand.

rest of it's working mint though

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The AC request is a 12 volt signal so the pullup should be set to off.

Can you confirm your jumper settings and that the jumpers are making contact (maybe slide them on and off a couple of times) Di3 / AC request is via these.




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