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Can Lambda 1 won’t display


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So the can lambda works fine after a few issues with not working in can port 1 it’s working in can port 2, however setting which peramiter it displays does not will only work defined as lamdba2 won’t work on display peramiter lambda1 I think this effecting the aclosed loop fuel control also as cl setup normally won’t do any corrections while its working in Lambda2 

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Can you start by attaching a log and a copy of your map.  Lambda 2 comes in on a completely different CAN ID so for that to happen I think someone would have had to use the re-programing tool on the "find devices" tab and reconfigured the CAN Lambda.

Just a 1-minute long log of an idling engine would be good.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A

If we cant work it out from the log and map, I might have to log in to your PC with Teamviewer to take a look.

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I have reconfigured the can Id to get it to work on Lambda 2 but need it to work on Lambda 1, I’ve configured the I’d as normal to work on Lambda 1 but nothing. 

I will get a 1 minute log later, I’ll do it configured to Lambda 1 so it doesn’t work and another configured on Lambda 2 so it does work 

Can I have an email to send these through to 

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