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Virtual Aux switch condition - Knock


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I have setup numerous Virtual Auxiliarys to trigger a warning light in my dash etc

i.e Engine temp over 105 degrees, Injector duty over 80%, EGT over 900 degrees all turn on my engine management light.

One of the switch conditions I have set is Knock value > 500 to trigger the warning light.
The reason I have this set is that I have my knock threshold maximum is 500 so I thought if any cylinder peaks higher than this it would turn the light on.

On a few occasions I have hit the RPM limiter and it has caused one of the cylinders (usually cylinder 2) to trigger well over 500 which is where I have the knock threshold set to, the log registers a few counts of knock from this but never triggers the warning light.

So my question is, what specifically does the knock switch condition refer to?
Is it referring to 'Knock level global' or 'knock count global' or something else?




Virt Aux G4+.jpg

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The "Knock" condition is monitoring "Knock Level Global".  However, I just done a brief test of this and I think the "knock level global" parameter is not working correctly.  I thought it was meant to be either the sum or average of the individual cylinder knock levels but the number im getting seems like it may not have the individual cyl gains applied to it or something.  I have reported this to engineering to take a look at.  In the meantime you can try logging "Knock level global" see what sort of numbers it gives you under normal conditions, then adjust the virtual aux condition to match.

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Thank you for looking into it for me, really appreciate it.
I was hoping it would trigger if any cylinder registered noise above the set number, I have a Phormulla KS-4 permanently dash mounted so that shows me if I get any spikes in knock readings so it is not critical.
The rest of the virtual aux do exactly what I want.

Thanks again,


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