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20180910_161234.thumb.jpg.6d51d0a5ce57551d0adc82f1448cd224.jpg20180910_161339.thumb.jpg.341942a30bd5f314f20ad87364d64e46.jpgHey guys been having a bit of a play with my link ecu settings etc and thought i would have a crack at flat foot shifting. My car already has launch control setup by the dyno tuner off a di on the clutch pedal. Just wonder if im in the ball park with the settings I've entered. I have been using the "whats this" as a guide. Engine is a rb25det running on e85 making 380rwhp

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Yep, all that looks ok. Set your max shift time to something more like 500ms.  2500ms is a lot of time to be without power if something goes wrong with your clutch switch.

Since your end shift mode is looking at the same clutch switch its only going to introduce power again after the clutch is seen to be back home.  The other option you can try is the "time" end shift mode, this just cuts for a certain length of time after you first press the clutch down so may work better if for instance the switch is at the very top of the pedal travel.   How well either option works will depend on where the switch activates in terms of pedal travel.  

With time end shift mode you would zero out the torque re-introduction table and try starting with about 200ms in the torque reduction table instead.

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