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Swifts track car


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Hi. Been faffing about with our little track car. Fire breathing 1300 cc NA motor. Yeah but it’s fun to drive.

so it’s a Suzuki cultus. It has a dog box now and we really need to heel and toe it on the downshift but that means a new pedal box and some learning. Enter the link extreme and a Bosch electronic throttle body and pedal. Will set the blip on the down shift with a clutch switch.

its a 1989 car but has zero wire in it from 1989. I have fully rewired it.ive kept the ECU wiring separate as much as possible from the vehicle wiring.

it has a 36/1 trigger wheel with a 5v Nissan CAS. The old dizzy has been modified as a sync signal. It has a Bosch MAP sensor, a gm IAT sensor. Toyota Yaris COP mod,  Bosch WTS, Suzuki Baleno wheel speed sensor. I’m making an Ali sump and that will have an oil temp sensor in it. I have an oil pressure sensor for the ECU plus another for my gauge and also a 20 psi light.

its fair to say it’s been quite a project rewiring the car. Not as easy as first thought. Really hard to keep thing neat and tidy!

hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to fire up the ECU for the first time. Then check all the sensors and set things up ready for the tuner.

I only got the extreme as I really wanted the ability to blip. Nothing less would do it easily unless more stuff bought.

the injectors and coils are setup for sequential operation. The injectors are low impedance so will be using peak and hold. Hope it all works ok!







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Thanks so much to the Link Support guys...Adam...Simon...I have absolutely hammered them with Numpty questions. Its going well...steep learning curve for me...but all sensors, switches and triggers are working. Coil on plugs and injectors test fine. Next is the e throttle setup.

Im glad I bought the Link extreme....the support is worth it...I'd be lost without the help.




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On 1/9/2019 at 4:31 PM, Swift said:

Thanks mate. Here’s a wee link to how it goes. Few teething issues with an overrev on the upshift to iron out. Scuse the crap driving but it’s a fun little car for sure. https://youtu.be/KHhpfwuxL1M

what a fun race... you almost had it! you need 5-10 more hp!!!

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