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Monsoon LLC, PSL and GSI Setup....


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Have seen that the monsoon can do latched launch control (LLC) and pitlane speed limiter (PSL). Oh yeah and gear selector indicator (GSI) as well.

Wouldn't mind setting this up to work on the race car.

I know the GSI needs wheel speed signal and then I'll need to input gear ratios. 

Any tips to set these systems up please......?

How many wheel speed sensors would be needed?

Can I use the vehicle's std wheel sensors?

Also can the Monsoon take a signal from a fuel level sensor to be able to have a fuel guage on the digital dash display? (Tablet being used as a dash)

Car is an Altezza SXE10 Beams 3SGE with itb's and 6spd being used for circuit racing only. 

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I had this same query in tech support email so I will post my initial reply here so others know it has been answered.

Gear detection needs a driven wheel speed - preferably a "VSS" type sensor in the gearbox if you have one so that the differential effect doesnt effect gear detection.
Latched launch
doesnt need a wheel speed at all, this works off RPM.
Speed limiter can use either driven or non-driven so my suggestion would be to use the same VSS sensor as used for the gear detection.
There are instructions or at least a basic explanation for all of these functions in the help file.  I will paste
copies below.
I suggest setting up the basics first yourself, make sure all the DI's and speed sensor is working and calibrated correctly, then have a play around (just jack the wheels up off the ground and test on jack stands).  Then if there are problems or something is not clear you can send us logs to get help.




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Cheers for that Adamw. I appreciate the quick reply via email. 


Will be working on it very soon. 

Speed sensor is a 3 wire connection and is very easy to wire it up. (+12v, gnd, signal)

I am assuming I use 1 of the 4 digital inputs in the ECU? Is there a specific terminal or any of the inputs OK?


Wiring up the switch for pitlane speed limiter though......where do I wire the switch into? Digital or analogue? 

Same would go for the launch control button. Where would the switch be wired into?

Switches are momentary spring loaded with 2 terminals.

Does wiring get connected 1 to gnd and the other to ecu? or does the signal go through ecu to switch and back to ecu?

Haven't found any description in regards to wiring the switches in. 


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