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Constant Trigger Errors and no Start.


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Gidday all. I have a V1/2 WRX plugin ecu. Have been doing some work on my engine and all round setup, im trying to get the engine back up and running but am getting a constant trigger 1 error every revolution and am puzzled as to why. Have performed a trigger scope while cranking but im unsure how to read an oscilloscope. Cheers!




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Thats odd, you have the cam pattern coming through on trig 1 and the crank pattern coming through to trig 2, it should be the opposite.

Either someone has mixed the plugs up on the engine (I dont know subarus well enough to know if this is even possible) or the wiring is a bit different in this car for some reason.  If the wiring reaches either sensor and the plugs are the same then just swap the crank/cam wires.  If not then you can swap the signal wires at the ECU end on pins 38 & 53.

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Heres a pic of the early WRX crank & cam wheels.  Notice the crank goes 2 teeth, 1 tooth, 2 teeth, 1 tooth.    The cam goes 1T, 2T ,1T ,3T



The ECU triggers when a falling edge crosses over the zero volts line, I have marked on the pic below those trigger points with pink dots.  If you count them you will notice the 2,1,2,1 crank pattern is on the bottom.


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