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Setting up switch and wiring for launch control


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Hi guys. I have a fury ECU that I’m looking to add basic launch control too. No wheel sensors or anything, just a switched ground on my hydraulic handbrake. 

So, my question is, would I need to use 2 different digital inputs to run a switch for arming the Launch control on and off, and then a separate switch on the handbrake lever (I’m going to use a inline brake light switch from my hydraulic handbrake to rear wheels) to activate it? Does that make sense? All I want to do is hold the revs at say 3k and build 1 bar of boost then let off the handbrake and away we go!



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You can do, or you could wire the arm switch in series with the activation switch, wire the other side of the activation switch to ground and turn the pull-up on.  That way you won't disable your idle speed control etc.  when you want to use the handbrake normally.


Hope this helps,



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So you mean the dash switch set to on, then use the handbrake switch to break that connection to off? (Ground)

This is the switch I have ordered. Makes the connection when pressure applied


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31 minutes ago, boXXer said:

Yes it does as it’s a drift car and the handbrake is used quite a bit and will kill the revs when trying to keep them up with the throttle.

There is also an "arming time" setting that you can use to prevent that.  If set to 5 seconds for instance it means the handbrake has to be "up" for more than 5 seconds before Launch control is activated.  

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Thanks for all your help guys. Fitted a inline pressure switch from my hydraulic handbrake and it switches the program on and off in the ecu with an earth no problem. Only thing now is, it says 'active' and i have set launch at 1500 rpm for testing but it revs straight past. Have started a new topic here:


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