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Another g4+ e-throttle question


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I've been doing some research and think I have everything figured out. But then I saw there is a link remote e throttle module.  So my question is, would it be possible to wire up the throttle body and accel pedal straight to ECU with xs connectors. Or is this module required?  

Also is there any wiring in the pclink help page for the accel pedal sensor? I know the tb wiring is in there. But I'm not able to check for app sensor info right now as I'm not at my computer. 


Thanks for any and all help. 


Also if it matters I plan on going with a Dodge vdo(hemi) tb and a 350z or sti pedal. ECU is a z32 g4+. 

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You will need the external module with that ECU.  For E-throttle you need two spare analog inputs for the pedal sensors and two analog inputs for the TP sensors (already one existing TP sensor input on the Z32 ecu).  There are 4 spare analog inputs on the expansion connectors as well as a few on the main header that are probably spare such as air flow meter and narrowband oxy pins so you have plenty to do E-throttle and a few other bits and pieces.

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