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Lean warm/hot restart


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When restarting after the engine has reached operating temp it is very lean ( 1.3ish lambda ) for 30 -  60 sec. I have increase the post start enrichment and the post start decay time .... has improved but still about 1.1ish lambda.

Is there anything else I could/should be looking at? 

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its off because "sensible" values for IAT fuel enrichment are already used as part of the modelled calculation. 

You *can* turn it on if you have a reason to do something "non-sensible", such as completely opposite of normal like add fuel at high IAT value at specific throttle opening, and just set the majority of the table to 0 except the points you want to change. The modelled fuel behaviour is still going on in the background. Think of it like an additional overlay table which you dont normally need.

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