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WrxLink 6000rpm missfire/trigger issue


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Hello, I am experiencing an issue with an ecu I have just bought and installed. The car is a 2003 wrx sti running the ver 7-9 plugin link g4. I am experiencing an issue where the car cuts out at around 6000rpm under load, but will rev to the normal 7500rpm limit when the car is stationary.

I am suspecting it to be a triggering issue and the error count jumps up when the misfiring happens. AFR gauge isnt wired into ecu but they hover around 11-11.5 in the petrol scale under load. 

 The car runs fine apart from this issue and was running completely fine on the stock ecu.

I'm  just wondering if anyone could take a look at the log and help me figure out whats going on.

sti log misfires a.llg

sti log misfires.llg

AA 2003 sti e85.pcl

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Yes, you have definite signs of trigger error.

Try dropping your trigger 2 lockout to about 4000 to see if that helps.

Also, both your trig 1 and 2 arming thresholds are quite high.  try dropping them down to the values in my example below.




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