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Overdrive Control with Link Extreme


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Would this work??

Lets say I have a gear vendors overdrive unit and I want my Extreme to control it without using any of the GV electronics other than the solenoid on the unit itself. 

Using a single output looking at TPS/speed and a virtual output looking also at TPS/speed to determine if I am at cruise, wot or passing. 

Bad idea or functional? The pics show settings that allow it to shift into overdrive at a TPS of less than 50% but a speed over 40 mph/65kph but still shift into OD at WOT over 75mph/120kph.

My setup is a 2 speed powerglide. I want the OD to activate at the track while in first gear right around 6500 rpm which is right at 75 mph. But I also cruise the car and want it to engage at cruise anywhere over 40 mph as long as I am less than 50%tps. I want it to downshift out of OD if i am less than 75 mph and try to pass someone on the highway. I would probably have to play with the TPS settings a bit to get it right but want to make sure this isn't a pipe dream before trying. 

What do you think?

overdrive control.JPG

Overdrive triggers.JPG

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Hi Josh, its a bit hard to read the text in your screenshots but from your proposal it sounds like a good way to achieve this. Obviously you can get more complex by "stacking" virtual auxes to get more conditions or incorporate timers etc if needed.  You can also change to a GP PWM aux output if you want a 3D table to map the on/off conditions.

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