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Ecu pulling dwell time


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So i bought a fury for my 3rz hilux. And at about 7-8 psi it’ll pull the dwell back from about 3ms to around 1.2 and kill the spark. And for the life of me i cannot figure out why, theres no tables that i can see that would be cutting ignition even with the rpm and map cuts turned off and the dwell table set to a block of 3ms, no matter what i cant seem to find where it would be starting to cut ignition and pulling dwell out of it. Loading the car up on the dyno with logs running you can see the point where it’ll pull dwell I'll post the log files and what not if someone wants to have a look so im just wondering if anyones had this problem and i’ve overlooked something simple or something. Cheers.

Log 2018-10-20 4;44;24 pm.llg

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As well as it not following the commanded value you will see spikes up and down.  This is called dwell scatter.  Dwell scatter is typically a sign of trigger error.  Can you do us a triggerscope, lets start with just a capture at idle.  Here's a vid how to do it if you dont know how:  https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmieMTkwQDCXEb2LY

Post the scope capture here and a copy of your tune file.

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Ok, the crank sensor is wired incorrect polarity.  Swap the wires should fix it.  The timing will shift a little when you do that so you will want to check base timing again after that.

The cam tooth is also a little closer to the crank gap than i'd like but Im pretty sure it will be ok where it is.  Lets try just swapping the crank polarity first.

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