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2jz supra link no spark


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Does anyone have trigger settings for a supralink using a vvti timing gear? I show crank signals. I also can get the coils to fire in test mode. I can't get the engine to fire under normal cranking. I feel like this is the last step to get this car started. Everything else seems good at the moment. Anyone have any valuable inputs.

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Hey guys  . Happy  easter ! Hope everyone is having a good lock down . 

Ok so some info  . I've got a vvt 2j with an auto box . Im guessing came from an aristo . 

Pallet motor  with usual harness and ecu

Ive managed to get a pinout and got as far as getting her to crank over 

78 plug ...Igsw. +B . +B2 . +BM . 10M-REL.       Hooked up to positive 

74 plug IGF . E01 ...     hooked up to negative 

75 plug EO1 . E        hooked up to negative 

 The B77 STA  doesn't  seem to do anything  so ive hooked up a push button witch  to tge thickest black lead  

So she cranks over  but no spark ..o dont have a fuel cell yet  but ill get to that  once i have spark  ... any help would be greatly appreciated  .  

 Regards Tim 

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