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PClink - Mixture Map - Fuel Table Selection Wrong


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got a persistent issue on two laptops.
I have two mixture maps setup on two tabs
"Mixture Map" and "Mixture Map 2" which relate to Fuel Table 1 and Fuel Table 2 (98 / E85) respectively 

for some reason whenever i load PClink, both tabs show Mixture Map (Fuel Table 1) even though the second tab is set to show Fuel Table 2
if i right click and choose Properties it is indeed correct, and then when i click ok (without actually making a change) the Mixture Map changes to Fuel Table 2

i am aware of it now (after stuffing up a few times over the last few months) but its pretty annoying and its caught the guys at the workshop out a few times also.

any idea what causes it or a way around it?


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