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Advice for tuning my link plug-in HC92


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i got civic 99 with D16Y8 engine with HC92 plug-in, and absolutely new with standalone ecu

everything okay idle is smooth but there's one problem with throttle that i tried to fix on this several days

in stop position if i press pedal slowly to wot it's ok ... but when i pressed pedal faster engine hesitate to rev and sometimes stop working (tried both from idle and mid rpm)

acceleration enrichment on but im not yet play around it

i try to increase and decrease fuel/ignition but doesnt get it

any idea what causes it or a way around it?

Honda D16Y8.pclr

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Have the fuel and ignition tables already been tuned?  Is the air-fuel ratio reasonably well controlled?  

Accel enrichment doesnt normally need much work from our default settings but as a quick test you can try increasing the Accel Sens. setting.  It is currently set to 15 in your map, try 30 and 45.

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