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Ross Crank Trigger RB26


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I recently installed a Ross Crank trigger kit on my Rb26, car runs and drives great but when running a log I get really high knock levels randomly under partial throttle. 12 tooth trigger on the crank I have played around this whole week with cam sync trying to line it up in between the crank teeth moving the cam sensor around has made no difference, I have also changed from falling edge to rising and still get random knock levels, not sure if its interference?  




I have attached the log and pclr. 

knock level Log 2018-10-28 3;23;30 pm.llg

Ross Crank Trigger.pclr


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There's no signs of trigger issues in your log but if the trigger-scope pic above is how your current alignment looks, I would leave trig 1 on falling but change trig 2 to rising.

Most of the random spikes of knock level in your log appear to me when you transition from over-run to drive. Could it be some mechanical backlash noise like a multi-plate clutch or straight cut gears, play in driveshaft splines,etc?  Does anything go "clunk" when you go from off-throttle to on-throttle? 

Also, I suggest you upgrade your firmware to 5.6.5 as there were several improvements made to knock control in 5.6.5.

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Thanks for the reply Adam

I have a Nismo Twinplate clutch but I have been running it this whole summer and have logs from before with no issue, The things I installed with the trigger kit is a new crank pulley and a larger koyo rad.  

now that i think about about I did notice with the new rad the clutch fan sits alot closer to the shroud and might be brushing it. 

I will have a look tomorrow at the fan and change the Trigger 2 to rising and will also update the firmware. 



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Is it possible to rotate that cam tooth a little?  It appears something has moved a little and the edges are getting closer to clashing again.  There is still a bit of margin in these two triggerscopes but its closer than I would like and with a bit of belt slap/valve train resonance etc it could well occasionally clash.

The two pink lines are what Im talking about (cam rising, crank falling), it would be nice if you could get the cam rising edge somewhere a little further to the left, more like where I have placed the red line (advance the cam tooth a little).


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20 minutes ago, SkylineR34GTR said:

I currently have the GT101 sensors, I saw you suggest getting the ZF GS101201 or 101202, would say they are a better sensor?

The GT101's are usually fine on evenly spaced teeth, they dont like missing teeth patterns.  I dont think you need to change sensors yet.

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