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Big throttle body Subaru V7 on V6


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I have a Subaru Gc8 V6, and I would like to put a bigger body throttle. Unfortunately I only find throttle body for V7 sti, with a link G4 is there a way to put the throttle body full of the V7 (throttle position sensor V7 on V6)?

And idle sensor?


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Yep that could be done no problem. You will be going from a stepper idle control to a solenoid so will actually free up a bunch of outputs.

Just a case of wiring to suit and then a slight reconfigure in PC link

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Unfortunately I don't have a pinout for the idle solenoid or TPS but these will match factory, TPS will have 5V ground and signal , The solenoid will be 12V, ground and signal from ECU.

In the ECU settings you will need to turn off the stepper setting on Aux 5,6,7 and 8 then one will be assigned as ISC solenoid (the one you have wired the solenoid back to)



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