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I have no other way of communicating . So you can and probably will remove!!     I bought a g4+ for my evo last year. My mapper fitted and mapped it six months ago but inforned me there was no retainer face plate . He left extra cable in the foot well so it could be trimmed down when the plate was fitted. This has already dammaged the bord  after my child kicked the cable accidentally whilst in the front seat.  My supplier has informed me twice that you will be suplying this direct!  After speaking to Support a month ago i repllied to an Email that said

"Hi Martin

We have plenty of the face plates here in NZ so  should be no issue to get one over to you. 

What is your address so we can arrange to get one sent out to you?"

I suplied my home address....    As of yet i have heard nothing .... This is become unexceptable ... Please respond????

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Hi Martin,

Im sorry to hear you have been messed around.  I have tried to follow up what happened today.  Unfortunately I think some of the message has been mixed up along the way between NZ and UK.  We originally got the message from your dealer (Ind***) that the face plate was missing, we had 6 spare in our UK office so couriered all of those to him about 3 weeks ago, we assumed 1 was for you and he was going to pass it on? 

Are you able to contact him and retreive one yourself, or do you want me to get one of our sales guys in the UK to retreive one and get it to you? 

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Sorry about my tone. I was angry as i shouted at my lad and it was not realy his fault cables and pipes are lying about the foot well.   I will try the dealer tomorrow and if no joy will get back to you.. Thanks for a quick response!

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Guest Kieran@LinkECU

Hi Martin, Just been contacted on this, I did reply to you on MLR however, It seems to have been deleted because we dont pay any subs (No help to you though) If you'd like to discuss it give me a call on 07591205003 


I've tried a number of ways to contact you directly (Email, MLR, Facebook & Through the Dealer you went to) Without much luck. 


I hope you can contact me and I hope we can put this right, Im very active all over the UK And haven't yet had any phone calls from yourself to clear this up. 


Kind regards - Kieran 



Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 13.06.09.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 20.29.34.png

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