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GPS Speed input?


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I am highly considering the Link Thunder for my next ECU.  I just want to make sure I am able to do a GPS Speed input.

Let me explain what I really want as a final result.  I want to have a normal VSS working while also use a GPS speed input for traction control.  I have a AWD car with a welded center diff.  So I cant use the front vs rear wheel speed as a traction control option.  So I was thinking about doing a VSS vs GPS speed for traction control.  I know I would need a fast GPS.  like 20 hz at the slowest.  50 or 100hz even better.


Now can you suggest a GPS device that would do this that I can use? Or is there a way if I get a Dash that has a GPS input then maybe the dash can send it to the Link ECU via CAN and I use that in traction control?


Let me know if there is a way to do this?

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You can input GPS speed from a CAN bus device.  Here is one example: https://www.aemelectronics.com/products/gps-module

Note however GPS is not useful for traction control, even if it has a fast update rate (say 100Hz).  While they can be quite accurate once the car is moving at high speed, during standing starts especially there is a large lag before the GPS detects movement.  Some of the high-end ones combine accelerometers and use math to improve the low-speed performance but I have no experience with them.  

I have seen logs from a drag race car that had a 50Hz high accuracy GPS and even with that there was something like a ~0.3sec lag for the first 100M or so, in this case it was only being used to control boost so worked fine but it would not be usable for wheel slip calculations.

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