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Weird intermittent misfire problem!


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Hi guys. I have a fury ecu, and recently it has been doing something quite weird!

every so often, whether the car is fully warmed or warming up, a kind of rev limiter comes on and won’t let me rev the car above 2-3k and it varies in revs. Im pretty sure it’s an ignition cut as it stinks of fuel when it’s on. 

The only way I can describe it, is as if the rev limiter has been set to a random RPM between 2-3k as it varies. If you blip the throttle it won’t clear and if you plant the throttle it also won’t clear. I’ve tried turning  the ignition off and on again, and also disconnecting the battery to reset it but none of this helps. 

It then decides to clear itself and won’t do it again for a while, then next time I drive the car it starts again but not every time. 

Examples are:

i was waiting in the pit lane to go out on track recently. Was idling fine then when I went to pull away there’s a misfire again up until 2500rpm or so. I got stuck in the paddock, drove it back to the pits and sat there for a while idling it and then it cleared and didn’t come back. 

Another time was when I was driving down the motorway, no problem at all until I pulled off down towards a roundabout, went to pull away and BANG it was there again until it decided to disappear. 

I do have launch control enabled but with a 3500 (I think at least) rev limiter, 3 sec initiation and 30% load throttle so I’m 90% sure it’s not that although I haven’t turned it off in the software completely which is what I may try next. 

Any help/suggestions would be great. 


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