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No rpm during cranking - Reluctive sensor


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Hello ,

My first (and maybe stupid) question on this forum:

I have a engine strapped on the engine dyno from which i struggle to get a starting rpm during cranking.

The concerning setup has a custom trigger setup (60-2 / reluctive / air gap 0.9mm) and is controlled by a Link xtreme ecu (program attached: 3s-gte).

Already tried a few options:

-Triggerscope is getting signal(also attached: Trigger_1)

-Polarity swap of the reluctor sensor.

-Setting arming treshold at different values (included it's minimum value of 0.2)

-Setting different values for filtering

Normally i would swap over to a hall sensor but since the wire loom is already twisted and tucked in raychem this isn't one of my options...


Can anyone tell me if i'm missing something?



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2 problems:

  1. Crank sensor is wired back to front, swap the +/- wires.
  2. There is no signal showing from the cam sensor yet you have trigger 2 mode set to "Cam pulse 1X".  If you have no cam sensor set sync mode to none.  If you do have a cam sensor then you need to get a signal from it.



1 hour ago, Stevieturbo said:

I'd load the scope to view.....but surely the software would allow one to do this offline ?

The trigger scope can save the capture as an image (jpg), or as a Link Log file (.llg), this one above is a log file.  So you open it just like a normal log file, set up a time plot with trigger scope 1 & trigger scope 2 parameters on it.


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