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MINI R53 Question on Over run

Brian the Sn@il

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Hi, My First Post.

I have had a tuner install the G4+ Xtreme to my R53 2006 Mini.

I'm really pleased with everything, before the install my standard Factory ECU provided lots of Exhaust crackles, on lift off, which sounded really nice.

I'm struggling to get these crackles back, when lifting off the throttle in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear.  

I have the Fuel Cut Mode - ON

TP/AP threshold: 1.0%

Activation delay: 1.5 S

Torque reduction/ Introduction Time: 0.5 s

Ignition Retard:  -5


Or am I looking in the wrong place ?

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For combustion you need fuel.  If over-run fuel cut is turned on you dont have any fuel.  The pops below 2000RPM is probably because OR fuel cut is disabled below that RPM.

So you can try changing the OR fuel cut settings to make that less active.

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What I have found is that there are no crackles , pops on lift off. I have turned Fuel Cut off  - To OFF

I get loads of pops and crackles if I lift off and the apply very little throttle,( Slight throttle pumping) keeping the ignition table in the 20 kPA area, is there any way to create the crackles and pops on lift off without apply slight throttle. ?

I presume by applying throttle, this is adding fuel to the -28 retard of ignition. Causing the Crackles and pops

Would I need to create a overlay ? 

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Ok im now looking at the anti lag feature, but I cant get it to trigger,

my R53 has a Supercharger, so the range is different, but im looking to activate when revs go over 3K, when I lift off, anti lag cuts in so I get the crackles and pops without having to dab the throttle.

enclosed is the latest file

Brian Ignition Table with antilag.pclr

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Does anyone know how i can trigger the anti lag feature. without a switch ?

When Revs rise above 3000RPM, lift off the throttle, i am after crackles and pops from the exhaust. As soon as i add throttle these stop.

Its something that should be really easy to achieve, which is using a switch, but my trigger is just increasing above 3000rpm.

My Current PCLR is above, MINI R53 Supercharged.  



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I dont think you will need anti-lag to make a "crackle", you just need to play more with fuel and spark.


It is not something I have ever wanted to do so dont have any experience but I expect you would need it to be quite lean and retarded, try pulling fuel out of your fuel table in the high vacuum area.

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