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idle control on G4+ Fury RB25DET


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Hey there, I'm using the G4+ Fury to run my RB25DET. Up to now I tried to setup the bosch idle control valve 0280140516. It really is impossible to have a stable idle with this valve. It does not let idle drop under 1000rpm. If I try to close it more than that, it completely shuts and the engine shuts down.

Can you please recommend a idle control valve that perfectly works with my G41 Fury?


thanks for your help


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There is a basic guide for that valve in the help file, copy below.  The only thing I dont quite agree with in this document is they usually need the minimum clamp set to more like 20%, they actually start to open again below about 15%.  Not all of them have the adjustment screw that is mentioned but they do usually work best if the throttle blade is adjusted so that normal hot idle is somewhere around 50%DC.


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