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Adjusting Speedo through aims race studio 3


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As tittle says I have finally found my speed source and I'm pretty sure it's been wired directly to the dash instead of the ecu.


Is there a way to tune it so it's right. I'm clocking up the kms ATM as it thinks I'm doing 450kph everywhere.

Ive tried to change it in the ecu but the ratio doesn't do anything

Thanks in advance

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Yep, it looks like you are using the built-in dash speed input.

Go to the main channels tab and click on the channel named "speed", that will pop open a channel settings dialog where you can adjust the wheel circumference and pulses per rotation.  If you dont know the pulses per rotation you can just do it by trial and error, adjust that number until the dash speed matches a GPS speed on your phone or something.


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Overall Including tyre,   A good way to measure it is to put a chalk mark on the ground at the tyre contact point , then roll the car 10 wheel turns and then re-mark the ground.  Measure this distance and divide by 10.

If you are in the UK, then the following regulations apply :-

the speedometer must never show an indicated speed less than the actual speed. ... However, for all actual speeds between 25 mph and 70 mph (or the vehicles' maximum speed if it is lower than this), the indicated speed must not exceed 110% of the actual speed, plus 6.25 mph.




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Eh I finally have a speedo.

For those interested the mx83 sensor uses 4 pulses. Don't know why but I had to turn down the diameter to like 1585 when I'm running 17 inch wheels with a 45 tyre.


Only thing to Susan out now is the gear calculation thinks I go up a gear in between 2/3 thinks I'm in 4th

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