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recorded Wgate DC%


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As far as I know the parameter "WGate DC (%)" is the final actual value sent out of the aux output to the solenoid after all trims and control adjustments have been applied. 

I have never personally tested that to confirm but can if you believe it isnt working correctly.

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Hi Adam, thanks for your reply, i was trying to make sure my understanding is not where the problem is to start with. Have worked through the recordings now and understand how base DC% is applied in both dc mode 2 and 2-3.

Because i am boost controlling a 4000cfm belt driven supercharger using 2 large valves, i do not have control over the drive source like a turbosetup, so the issue is that i have to control a larger volume of compressed air  than normal. Seems that the volume of pressurised air in the pipework and aftercooler takes time to increase or bleed off that volume of air. Therefore i need to track the target closely or it takes too long to reaquire the target even if i allow large boost solinoid DC swings.

So i think the issues are mine.




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