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Isopropyl Alcohol mix


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hello how is everybody i want to ask a question about isopropyl alcohol 

i use 98 octane for drift 2jz engine and would like to use Isopropyl Alcohol because i dont have access to ethanol or methanol


first question is Isopropyl Alcohol like ethanol if used 100% other than fuel it will eleminate detonation ?

second question when mixing it with 98 fuel how much points it raise and what is the safest percentage to add my fuel system is all made for fuel not ethanol or methanol a friend of mine in another country mix 50/50 E100 and 98 octane which i want like him to mix 50/50 Isopropyl Alcohol and 98 octane 

third and last question my AFR is 11.0 from 5psi to 15psi WOT and should i aim for when Isopropyl Alcohol is added ? 10.5 is good ?

thanks alot

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I have never heard on isopropanol being used as a fuel, I know some "fuel stabilisers" use it but I suspect that is only to solubilise any water/contamination in the tank.  If you have 99+% isopropanol it could boost octane a little but it is not good as ethanol.  Most consumer level isopropanol is only about 70% (30% water) so that wouldnt be useful as a fuel at all if thats what you have.

You would probably be better to look for Toluene or similar if you want to mix your own as a relatively small concentration can make a decent difference.

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