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Monsoon, SR20DET, Won't Start


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Anyone have any ideas on what my issue may be.

I've got a S12 Silvia with a S14 SR20DET in it that I've just thrown a Monsoon in, (custom wiring loom etc etc)

For some reason I cannot get the ECU to recognize the Triggers from the CAS. 

I've tried reversing the pins, in case they were wrong.  Have checked 12v supply and grounds, checked continuity on the wires.  I've tested the CAS by pulling it out and manually rotating it and checking for voltage.  

Is it because the ECU is currently "Locked"?  I forgot to get the unlock code before the weekend and so can't get it till tomorrow now.


Thanks for any help

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Title editted to match my new problem rather than start another thread.

I've unlocked the ECU and have got the triggers to read.  Now I'm having an issue with it not starting.

Attached is the file for my ecu. 

I've noticed in my Runtime Values under General is that I have "Oil Pressure (kpa) 0" and "Ethanol Sensor Status Error" in red.  I don't have either of this, now do I have them set up as analog or digital inputs, but I can't find how to set them to "off".  Nor can I find any other settings for them through the help files.


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8 minutes ago, spiderwebfx said:

I've noticed in my Runtime Values under General is that I have "Oil Pressure (kpa) 0" and "Ethanol Sensor Status Error" in red. 

You dont need to worry about those, all important parameters that are used for engine control will switch to a default setting if there is no input assigned.

One thing I see wrong is your fuel table doesnot have suitable numbers in it for modelled mode.  To fix this, right click on the fuel table, then go import/Export>import from file and import the table attached below.

Is it showing RPM when you're cranking now?  Curiously the ECU statistics in your tune file show max engine RPM as 0 and max inj PW as 0.  If changing the fuel table doesnt show signs of life please do a PC log of it cranking so we have a bit more info to work with.

VE Fuel Table .lte

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Have you set base timing?  I notice in your map above the trigger offset is set to zero, it is normally around -100 in an S14.  

I dont see any other reason why it wont go in the log apart from the battery being quite low is going to make life more difficult (8.5>7.9V during cranking).

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I believe the base timing is my issue.  I did do it, but I must of done something wrong.  I put in 0 and -100 manually just now and was able to get it to start, albeit a bit rough.  Battery has run out of juice now so i'll try again tomorrow night after it has charged again.

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Just an update on this. Went to the car tonight turned the key and it fired straight away.  Guess it was flooded from all of yesterday's efforts and now cleared up.  I've since double checked the timing calibration and my offset is - 104. Should be about right I hope? 

It's all idling nice and smooth now.  Running a bit rich but at least it's drivable again.  Tune on Monday here I come. 

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